Some Updates!

by artul

So, here’s some updates. I have been unable to updates my blog for this week due to some damn influenza-virus, that make me sneeze every 2 minutes–bursting thousands little particle to the thin air each time, make me can’t concentrate about anything, including writing in front of my PC ( I’m still go to campus though)

Since last thursday (may 2nd), the network admin in my campus, which is also one of my lecturer–Pak Mudji, generously :p reopened free wi-fi access in my MILAN campus, which has shutted down for public since January– Yup, no internets since then. This time it clearly labelled freepublicFMIPA with allowable access time between 06.00-21.00. Some great new policy for student?


Silently but sure, the news break up. In two days only, the Himakom Headquarters (HH) :p get flooded by various kind of laptop from Tukul Wannabe’s. Yah, since Tukul has a laptop, everybody seems has made their effort to get their own too. Thus, Himakom get her souls back. No more noisy card games, no one’s playing Chuzzle game anymore, the silence has come, the only sounds heard is mouse click, everybody gets their laptop to play the internets.

Yah, that’s sad, seeing this over-hyped thing makes you wonder what will other people outside our campus think. Some poor student, from some poor university in the 3rd world who get their internet access. How pity… but that’s the reality. Internet is still a scarce thing in Indonesia (being a bit hyperbolic, hehe..) It’s also still expesinve. So people will prefer looking for free wireless access. Including non-UGM student, I guess many of them accessing internet here.

Back to my life updates:

This is about my friend in The Kost, there are some people want to know about this, so I’ll write it. Boy (my senior at highscool, student of UGM Medical Faculty) has finished his theoritical course and now is preparing to become a real Medical Doctor. Since last march, he has a new schedule, now every 6.00 AM, he leaves The Kost to the dr. Sardjito Hospital, wearing that white jacket labelled ‘dokter muda’ . Now he has become a ‘co-as’ or ‘co-as*’ — prefer to call it so, since he is a little bit as*hole too.
About Doni, he is still busy as usual, this time as a Job Seeker, doing Job Interview almost every day. Hopes he will get a nice job soon.

About the other people at The Kost: There’s nothing safe to write here since it will open some some secret and endangered my life. :)

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  1. Pertamax,

    cool man.. blognya, demi Allah.. Cool banget, adeeemm…, kayak nyang punya, hehe.. ini themes yang banget-benget aku suka rif.. bener..

    Nginggress…Nginggress.. emang kamu jago Nginggress ya.. baguslah, dan aku tambah bingung.. :D

    Eit.. ati-ati lho Rif nyindir dosen pembimbingku, nanti kamu masuk black list lho.. Tapi kayaknya beliau tambah baik semenjak menikah, makanya nikah Rif, biar kmu tambah baik sama aku.. :D

    Dokter, maksudnya Si Boy ya..

    Uda Doni itu memang calon orang kaya banget…

    “About the other people at The Kost” Yup, bener.. bahaya itu.. hehe.. :D

    #1 Hanichi Kudou
  2. iya neeh…theme-nya keren…ikutan ah…–>(wahahaha….ket biyen kok ra kreatif2 to fie…fie….)

    #2 afie
  3. Blogcrawler mampir..
    Tukul Wannabe? Nggak banget lah? Saia puas dengan bibir dan PC saia, nggak pengen dan nggak ada niat buat punya laptop. Kecualinya gratis donk!!hehe..

    #3 rnz
  4. @ hanichi
    Loh aku kan malah memuji beliau

    @ afie
    Keren kann? /* ga tau mau jawab apa

    @ rnz
    Ya, kemarin saya juga ngintip blog anda lho.

    #4 artul
  5. Dear Kate, I hope that you are doing well, if you can write me someday I would acpperiate it. I have a Lebanese friend who is in need of help and I try to support him in all what I can.Congratulations and many thanksMonica(Argentina)

    #5 Ryosuke

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