Compiz Fusion sekarang sudah bisa diinstal dari repositori tambahan. Langkah Instalasi:

1. Repositori

Tambahkan repositori yang disediakan oleh Trevino kedalam Synaptic.
• Edit Software Sources (System > Administration > Software Sources)
• Pilih tab Third-Party Software | Add…

Masukkan baris berikut:
deb feisty eyecandy
lalu klik > Add Source
• Klik close > close

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Compiz adalah window manager dan komposit manager untuk linux. Proyek Compiz dimulai tahun lalu oleh David Reveman dari Novell. Nama compiz sendiri diambil dari kata composite.

Window manager adalah program yang berperan dalam mengatur tampilan jendela aplikasi dan dialog. Sedangkan komposit manager berperan dalam menggabungkan image menjadi tampilan yang akhirnya muncul di desktop kita.

Compiz adalah gabungan dari window manager dan komposit manager yang bekerja menggunakan OpenGL untuk rendering. Compiz memanfaatkan akselerasi 3D dari kartu grafis kamu untuk menghasilkan efek-efek yang memukau, yang tidak ada pada window manager biasa.

Compiz dapat berjalan dengan baik pada kebanyakan kartu grafis dengan spesifikasi standar. Saat ini yang paling didukung adalah kartu grafis dari intel (karena adanya dukungan driver linux yang baik). Yup, itu lho kartu grafis untuk kebanyakan laptop.

Beberapa fitur dari Compiz:

• Desktop cube
• Wobbly windows
• Switcher with preview
• Scale windows
• Water effects
• Zoom desktop


Kamu bisa melihat demo Compiz disini:
Compiz demo

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It’s time for more wallpaper!

Last month I write about some collections of pretty nature wallpapers, the collections that I take from, and also I put some files to download.
I don’t know how many people have been downloading the files and whether anybody like it, because you know what, it’s seems there is no response yet.

Anyway, yesterday I found through statistic that someone going to that page by searching for keyword ‘macro wallpapers’. Hmm, I think that’s enough to tell me that at least–there are someone care, so I decide to write more. Yup, here’s more wallpapers:

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If you love pretty graphics, then sure you’ll love to put some nice wallpaper on your desktop. Yeah i know some people will think this as not important at all. They’re just want to do their stuff, do some work and then go outside to Get a Life.

The fact is that not everybody do care about their desktop wallpapers. I know someone who is still using that default windows XP bliss wallpaper, never intended to–and not allowed you–to change it, although it’s been two and half years… after he installed his XP.

There are some great number of wallpaper collection site outside there, but most of them are just crap useless because of the small-resolution or just because of the annoyingly choose of color, a.ka. horrible taste. :p

So where do you find some nice and hi-resolution wallpapers? Google it..

No. just kidding.

If you love some crisp and vivid color wallpaper then you gonna like this: the collection of just amazing nature wallpapers:


The SocksOff amazingly–gonna blow you up–collection of nature wallpapers

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